Flipped Fiction Friday

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I saw her drive right by me into the parking structure of the Botanic Garden as I was picking a hangnail. We made eye contact for a minute and then she looked away, and I couldn’t help thinking she wasn’t as cute in person as in her pictures. I hoped I was wrong, because I’d had a streak of bad dates and this was the first one in awhile that actually seemed promising.

I stood there for what felt like way too long — it couldn’t possibly take ten minutes to park her car in that tiny structure and then…

Understanding why something isn’t working is valuable

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Recently, I found myself trudging through a book I really didn’t enjoy. Normally, , take it off my Goodreads TBR list, and move on to the next book. Unfortunately, this particular piece was a book club pick, so I felt bound to finish it.

When I got to the end, all I felt was relief that it was finally over and I didn’t have to dread opening up my Kindle anymore. …

Flipped Fiction Friday

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Okay, so I go to meet this girl on a Monday night, of all nights — not sure why she picked that — and it’s gray and drizzling outside. If that wasn’t bad enough, my last job went long, and combined with Atlanta traffic, that makes me late to the bar this chick picked. Not my kind of place — a bit bougie — but hey, whatever makes her comfortable.

My lateness also means I don’t have time to change before our date, but oh well. It’s not like she doesn’t know what I do — I’m an environmental advisor…

Fiction Friday

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“So what are we doing?”

Sean giggled. “You’ll just have to wait and see!”

“But, like…you need to give me the address so I can meet you there.”

“Oh. Right.”

My date with Sean started out very unusually. We’d met on Tinder earlier that week, and I’d immediately been drawn to him. He had a respectable job (dentist), was family-oriented (judging from his profile pictures filled with nieces, nephews, and siblings), and had a sense of humor. When we matched and he asked me out, I said yes.

The problem was — he didn’t want to tell me what he…

Fiction Friday

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Ethan didn’t seem strange in his Tinder profile — not that that counted for much, but still. I really thought when I said yes to a Friday night dinner date that we’d be doing something normal but fun, and that he would be, at the very least, a nice guy to talk to for a few hours, if nothing more.

He promised to take me to his favorite restaurant, and he assured me that yes, the place could absolutely accommodate my gluten-free, vegetarian diet, no problem. In fact, the place had a super extensive menu.

I should have been suspicious…

Fiction Friday

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“Speak to me, you luscious dollop of sweat-inducing holiness. I know you have a secret — just whisper it in my ear. There you go, just like that.”

Nope, Rob was not speaking to me — he was aiming all of his comments at the chunk of chipotle-rubbed flank steak precariously balanced on his fork. I, meanwhile, shoved some roasted potatoes in my mouth and contemplated what string of strange choices had led me to that point.

I’d never dated a food critic before, so when I came across Rob’s Tinder profile, which proudly announced that he was a “Retail…

Announcing a new publication for funny first date stories

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Hello loyal readers! For just over a year, I have been publishing my weekly series, The Tinder Chronicles, through the wonderful publication P.S. I Love You. If you’ve read my stories, you know they’re fun, ridiculous fictional accounts of first dates.

If you’re an avid P.S. I Love You reader, then you also know that the publication is coming to a close at the end of June.

Due to this unfortunate turn of events, I’ve decided to create a new home for my stories — a publication called, of course, The Tinder Chronicles.

If you’re still interested in reading about…

Fiction Friday

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Dylan’s Tinder bio stood out because it was so different from every other one I’d seen. For one, his bio was looong — whereas most guys have little more than grunt-like phrases (“UNH grad. Bacon is life. No vegetarians.”) Or offensive checklists for potential partners (“Must be: Blonde. Taller than 5'5”. Shorter than 5'9". Cup size > C. Weight < 130. No others need apply.”)

Dylan’s bio was…frenetic. It read: “My name is Dylan Santos, I’m a mechanical engineer with Tetra, Inc., and I just graduated from Georgia Tech. I like dogs, hiking, Funyuns, fidget spinners, beaches, puzzles, and rock…

You don’t want to miss these horror showstoppers

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I absolutely love all things scary — horror movies, psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, you name it. Because of my penchant for the macabre, I consume a lot of scary things, and even write my own stories — which means it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find something that actually frightens me.

All that is to say that these four novels — by female authors, which is notable in a genre — are really, truly terrifying. If you’re looking for a good scare, just keep reading.

‘Baby Teeth’, by Zoje Stage

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